Sleep and Kelee Meditation

How to Get a Good Night Sleep …

When you mind,
is consciously calmed,
stress dissolves
into insignificance.

When you cannot get a good night’s sleep, it can be hard to wake up. The brain, like the body, needs to exercise and rest to run properly. The main reason people can’t sleep is attachments to things they cannot let go of in their brain. Here is something you can’t do anything about and yet you keep thinking about it. How many times has this happened to you when you want to sleep? These attachments—known as compartments—engage your conscious awareness and won’t let you relax and fall asleep. Whenever you think you must control people or things in the world, they have a hold on you, not you on them.
Remember, that which you hold onto, you must carry.
Why can’t you let go? Your conscious awareness does not know how to detach from brain function and the malfunction of compartments. It’s that simple or hard, depending if you can detach or not.
The brain is just an organic computer. If it’s running on autopilot who’s in control?
Kelee Meditation is like running a defrag program for your brain. It cleans out compartments weighing on your mind and organizes the brain for efficiency and optimum performance.
Sleep is care for you at night;
Kelee Meditation is care for you in the daytime.
Remember, it’s a peaceful mind
that promotes peaceful sleep. 

-from The Kelee: Understanding the Psychology of Spirituality, by Ron W. Rathbun

sleep and meditation

More on … Sleep and Kelee Meditation

People ask me all the time, why should I meditate? First of all for your health! It is the mind that controls the body, hence the mind-body connection. You must learn to detach from the body to allow it to become peaceful to heal.

Sleep is your primary form of regeneration and extremely important in maintaining health. The biggest problem people have with sleep is not being able to sleep. This is because one cannot stop the thinking process of the brain even when one wants to. The brain can run independent of the mind; however, it does so without regard for your health and well-being. The question becomes, why can’t you shut down this thinking process when you want to? It’s because the brain and compartments have more control than you do. So who is in control of your life?

The primary form of regeneration should come from stillness of the mind in the greater Kelee and learning to detach from the thinking process. When you have excessive thinking, it’s because you have no resolution from your troubling thoughts. You cannot let go of a thought until you understand it. This is basic human nature. Everyone will have to come to terms with this understanding one day.

If you decide to mentally block out or ignore a non-understood thought, it electrochemically deposits (i.e., compartmentalizes) in the Kelee and “baggage” is formed.  As you have more of these unresolved thoughts in your Kelee, the result is fragmentation, which leads to frustration and sleeplessness. This is all reversed when you can enter into peace of mind found in the greater Kelee.

While sleep is important, restful sleep does not always happen because the mind is not at peace. Only when you can be in mind and be still will your body regenerate properly.

Doing Kelee meditation will teach you to obtain a peaceful mind-body connection. Kelee meditation will help you sleep. Get a better night sleep tonight.

Kelee meditation is a 5-minute meditation that will help you to get out of the negative thoughts in your head and relax to go to sleep. The first 2-minutes of Kelee meditation help to calm the brain chatter in your head. The second 3-minutes of Kelee meditation helps you to drop into the peacefulness of mind in the greater Kelee where a good night rest is to be found. You can begin to do Kelee meditation right now on your own.