Kenneth E. Bonus

Attorney, San Diego, CA

When I was a kid growing up in the 1950s, television sets were tiny with grainy black-and-white images. Today, you can get a giant color TV with a high-definition image and near-perfect stereo sound. This technological evolution is a good analogy for how Kelee Meditation has transformed my life. I have gone from living in a cramped, black-and-white world to feeling that I am inhabiting a colorful and joyous universe. I first met Ron in early 1997. Certainly, by financial and other materialistic standards, there was not much at the time that I lacked. However, my first strong impression of Ron was that he had a deep spiritual quality about him that I would like to have for myself.

That was the beginning of my commitment to Kelee Meditation and I have been doing it every day since. I can’t point to a single dramatic moment when my life was changed by the Kelee Meditation. Rather, I think my experience is a good example of how a consistent application of this meditation yields immense long-term benefits. It’s certainly the best investment return on 10 minutes per day that I can think of. To be frank, I was one of those people who “lives in his head.” I was endlessly thinking about and analyzing my problems, and all this did was just perpetuate the mess I was in. One of the fabulous things about Kelee Meditation is that it has worked for me despite all the junk in my head. Gradually over time, it has just become unnecessary for me to spend time worrying about things.

Sure, life is not always a bowl of cherries. What’s different now is that if something unpleasant does occur, I deal with the challenge, but part of me remains grounded in a deep spiritual connection. And, instead of just being another one of life’s headaches, such challenges often lead me to important new spiritual discoveries. Today, I have an ever-deepening sense of my own unique spiritual nature. Whether it’s walking by myself in the woods, working at my job, or spending time with my family and friends, my enjoyment of each day far surpasses anything I could have imagined for myself back in 1997. Do I feel sad sometimes, get angry, or experience other “negative” emotions? Sure. Doing the Practice doesn’t mean you stop being a human. The Practice is, however, a way to begin to really delve into the potential of that human experience. Give it a try. You’ve got nothing to lose but your dysfunction!

Kenneth E. Bonus

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